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Omega 2 Multi-Station

2 Weight Stacks/Accommodates Two Users with Two 200 lb. Weight Stack

– Single Station Design

– Advanced Adjustability

– Super Smooth Free Cable System

– Commercial Warranty

  • Optional Leg Press/ Calf Raise (545 Lbs. Total Weight with Leg Press Option)
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The Omega 2 is the Synthesis of perfectly balanced exercise stations, Advanced Frame Structure and Refined Ergonomics.

While enjoying a FullBody Workout you will notice two distinct performance characteristics of the Omega 2, Ultra Smooth Movement  and Quiet Performance. Both the result of premium componentry and Precise Detailing.

The Sleek, muscular frame structure is highlighted by its trim-tone of strong matte black, precise titanium silver, and elegant gloss black.

The refined ergonomics and unmatched ease of use make the Omega 2 the ideal solution for those looking for powerful performance in a practical space.

Exercise Stations: Chest Press, Lat Pull Down/ Swiveling High Pulley, Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley, Leg Extension, Seated Leg Curl, Chest Supported Mid Row, Cable Arms: Shoulder Press, Pec Fly, Bicep Curl, Inner/Outer Thigh, Glute Kick, Upright Row, Shoulder Shrug.


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Peso 440 kg
Dimensiones 229 × 263 × 214 cm
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